Our Beloved Universal Reformer: The Poster Edition

Our Beloved Universal Reformer: The Poster Edition

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More tips and tidbits you won't want to miss:

The Universal Reformer: The Spring Remains the Same: Karen Frischmann and I have a chat about just what makes the Reformer so damn special anyway? Get ready, Nerds, there's lots of talk about springs!!

The Use of the Straps in the Short Box Series: Master the assist of the straps. Work your connection to the lower body fiercely to keep those straps quiet. A nice little help from Joe Pilates: if you hear any noise from the straps, you could probably work a little harder.

The Entire Mat is in the Short Box: Use the 5 exercises on the Short Box to wrangle all of your Mat exercises. What could be more perfect?

Video Blog: A Brief Pilates Tutorial on the Roll Up: Even more about the Short Box! Get some help from the Mat and Cadillac in this post on the Roll Up. Become a master of the Round shape across the Method.

My Favorite Challenges

Pilates Projects: 3 Unbridled Demands of the Horseback: A Reformer exercise I love almost as much as the Snake/Twist!

Pilates Projects: 10 Smart Tools to Master the Snake: ‘Nuff said. Lots of skills buried deep in this challenging exercise. With at least a couple of helper exercises in here for everyone, you can increase your proficiency one component at a time. Patience, Grasshopper.

Side Bending in Pilates: When will I learn?: Rock your Short Box and it's a great day!

Pilates Side-Bending: The Mermaid Obsession?: Side-Bending is crucial to perfect your lift, your reach, your Short Box and evidently I spend considerable time thinking about this…

Video Blog: The Teaser “My Legs are too Long!”: Join me and my client Greg (who at 6'8″ has such long legs on him you'll never complain again!) in this brief tutorial on his favorite exercise, the Teaser. Master the 2-way stretch with him and rock your Long Box too.


Now let's workout. You know you I we want to.