VIDEO BLOG: What has Pilates done for me lately?

What's been buzzing in my mind about our beloved Pilates Method?

So. Many. Things.

However, disparate items on my “checklist” are beginning to hone into a solid laser-focus.

Let's unpack that…

Zen and the Art of the 2-way Stretch

My Pilates workout enables me to be in my body in the present moment.

Mind chatter subsides. I am deep inside my body and looking around to see what's new.

Or what's new today that may not be as I left it.

Blissfully there is no time for considering/fretting about the past or the future.

How exhilarating!

Keep it simple, keep it moving

  • The order of the exercises: For most of the hour, you have a structure in place which paves the way to a deeper connection in the execution of the exercise. Unencumbered by the burden of selecting random exercises, you are free to allow today's experience of the exercise to take center stage. Maybe another related exercise will pop into your head for a hot minute. Duly noted for later. Oh yes, you WILL do it later. But for now, just keep moving!
  • One focus for the hour: Pick only one, lest you get distracted or bogged down in a slow-mo micromanagement of your workout. Use a correction you're working on from a previous lesson or even a new moment in an old exercise that makes all your exercises a little better.

The Spine Corrector Challenge

I truly believe we should all take the Spine Corrector challenge.


Run. Do not walk. To your Spine Corrector (or Small Barrel…you know who you are…)

There are so many gifts from Joe Pilates in this one brilliant apparatus.

Video Blog: What has Pilates done for me lately?

Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel: there's one that will be your perfect match.

Or why not enjoy all three?

A word about the exercises done on the Spine Corrector:

I take the name of this apparatus very seriously. There are many exercises that can be done here, but the original and most important ones emphasize the true purpose of this apparatus: Spine Corrector.

Used correctly (ha ha see how I did that?) your exercises here will open up the hips, thighs, low back, upper back and shoulders.

Doesn't that sound fabulous??

I started doing these exercises on the Small Barrel (being petite and on-the-stiff-side) and now work on the Spine Corrector as well. What a dynamic Posture Duo the Short Box Series and the Spine Corrector are for our bodies.

Three cheers for keeping it up and forward!

Stay tuned for more on the Short Box in next week's post.

The exercises

Part 1: The Everyday Basics

Arm series

  • Circles
  • One arm up/One arm down
  • Hug
  • Breathing

Leg Series

  • Circles
  • Scissors
  • Bicycle
  • Thigh Stretch/Shoulder Bridge

Part 2: Let's ratchet up to full-on invigoration!

All of the above exercises plus:

  • Helicopter
  • Leg Circles onto the Head
  • High Bridge
  • A couple pop-up Teaser moments

Finish both series with some rolling and a short rest.

Join me for a Spine Corrector basic series everyday for 2 weeks.

Or bump it up to the invigorating level and kick your own ass. Whadaya say?

See what changes you see/feel in your body.

Share your successes in a comment below.

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